Yoga & Meditation

I am a Certified Yoga teacher.  Yoga and meditation have been a part of my life for twenty years; therefore, I have a deep conviction about how effective these practices can be in reducing anxiety and working with depression.  In general, yoga and meditation, when practiced regularly can facilitate an overall sense of well-being.  These practices are a part of the large and diverse tool box that I can offer my clients as we discuss the most effective ways to work towards your goals.

In the last ten years, there has been scientific research and publications that document the benefits of yoga and meditation.

  • Stress Reduction
  • Decrease in high blood pressure
  • Decrease of frequency and intensity of episodes of depression
  • Increase in feelings of contentment
  • Increase in ability to tolerate intense emotions, such as anger and sadness

Some of my clients practice Yoga and want suggestions about particular poses that help with anxiety and depression.  I can suggest or demonstrate poses when my clients make that request.  Some of my clients have started taking Yoga or Meditation classes as a way of managing their moods, and have reported how effective this has been.

I often recommend breathing techniques to help my clients deal with anxiety.  Whether you are waking up in the middle of the night and having trouble falling back to sleep, or experiencing severe anxiety that interrupts your life, there are techniques and recommendations that I can offer.

I have also witnessed the power that yoga can have when combined with a regimen for those struggling with depression.

I teach therapeutic yoga at a local In-Patient Hospital, and have been able to personally witness the impact that yoga has had on the individual patients in my classes.

To read further about how I use yoga, take a look at “The Intention of the Week”.   These intentions are taken from my actual yoga classes.

Also check out my video on my home-page where I demonstrate a breathing technique that is effective and easy to do.

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