Individual Therapy

My training runs the gamut from intensive training as a Psychoanalyst, to Couples and Family Therapy to working with Yoga and Meditation to access mind, body and spirit.  I am compassionate and practical with a varied and deep tool box of methods, so that we can get right to work on helping you fix what’s wrong.

Step One: Evaluation

The first 2-3 sessions will be focused on evaluating the issues.   This includes identifying:  1. What the problem is.  2.  How long it’s been an issue.  3.  What previous strategies you’ve tried to address the problem – what worked and what didn’t feel helpful.  4. The full impact the problem is having on you, your relationships and life in general.

Step Two: Recommendations

After the evaluation I will be able to give you feedback to identify and clarify:  1. The root of the problem.   2. Why past strategies haven’t been helpful enough.  3. Areas that need to be addressed so that you can feel hopeful about getting back on track.

Step Three: Creating a Contract

Once I make recommendations, we will jointly develop a workable plan that will compassionately address your concerns and help you develop strategies that will positively impact your life situation.

Theoretically I use numerous theories including, Attachment, Object Relations, Narrative, Cognitive-Behavioral, as well as others.

My approach is Relational, meaning that I interact with my clients and develop a relationship.  As Human Beings all development, learning and change, from infancy throughout the life-cycle, happens in a nurturing relationship.

Another frequently asked question, by people struggling with their intimate relationships, is, “Should I come in alone or bring my partner?”  The answer depends upon the situation.  After meeting for our 30 minute consultation, we will decide what makes more sense for you.

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