Couples Therapy

Couples and Family Therapy requires a unique set of skills on the part of the Therapist.  I am a trained and certified Couples and Family Therapist, and I have completed a two-year intensive post-graduate training program through the University of Pennsylvania.

I use Systems Theory when I work with couples and families.  This means that my focus is on understanding the system, no matter how many people are involved.  I also utilize my intensive training in working with individuals to understand how each individual participates in their system.

I offer a unique set of skills that comes from my training as a Psychoanalyst and a Couples and Family Therapist.

Couples Therapy

When you come in with your partner you can:

  1. Have a one session Consultation where you will leave understanding the systemic problems in your relationship.
  2. Go the next step of having a more comprehensive evaluation of your relationship.  This evaluation consists of three more sessions; Individual sessions for each partner and a third session to discuss my recommendations with both partners.
  3. If further Couple’s sessions are recommended, you and your partner can decide if you would like to continue.

Whether you choose a single consultation or ongoing Couples Therapy, you will leave with a clearer understanding of the issues in your relationship.

Sometimes Couples Therapy is not indicated for a variety of reasons.  After our Consultation, I will be better able to advise you and your partner on how to proceed for the best results.

Benefits of Couples Therapy

  • Enhanced Communication
  • Identifying your Unconscious Contract (the deeper attraction)
  • Answers to the ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go Syndrome’
  • Pre-Marital and Pre-Commitment Counseling

Family Therapy

If you are interested in Family Therapy,  we begin with the adult(s) in the family.  After the 30 minute consultation, I will recommend next steps.

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