How I Practice

Step One

Contact my office at 610-664-1463 and we will talk briefly by phone so that you can give me a sense of what’s going on in your life.  We will then set up a time for a 30 minute consultation either in person or by phone.  There is no charge for this visit.

Step Two

At our first meeting we will talk about your current situation, and discuss ways that I can help you with it.

From this First Session you will leave with:

  • Clarification of your problem and ideas about how to approach it from a different perspective.
  • A sense that you have found someone who knows how to listen without judging you.
  • Many people leave with a new found sense of hope and empowerment about their lives.

Step Three

We will set up a regular time to meet because Psychotherapy works best when there’s a consistent structure in place.

When perspective clients call me the most frequently asked question is, “How do you work?”  Here’s my answer.  I am a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist.  What this means is that I believe in exploring thoughts, feeling and behavior in a way that helps you understand the deeper causes of the current problems you’re dealing with.  Most of my clients make that first call because they are struggling, in some way, with relationships.  Therefore it’s critical that we identify and understand the early attachment (relationship) patterns that have been imprinted in the brain.  That’s when real and lasting changes can be made by creating new behavioral patterns that will allow you to make different choices that lead to more satisfying outcomes.

Whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression grief or trauma, we will get to the heart of the problem and together work to get your life back on track.  Together we will explore and make sense of your life story.  My clients report that this transforms feelings of helplessness and hopelessness into a sense of empowerment.

You will be able to:

  • Observe and modify the ways you think about yourself and the world.
  • Create new patterns of behavior to move you towards your life goals.
  • Deal more effectively with strong emotions such as Anxiety and Depression.

Contact me today to set up your free 30 minute consultation. Call my office at 610-664-1463 or email me at