Warrior Pose is the pose that consistently moves me when I do my Yoga practice.  No matter how I’m feeling when I get on my mat, by the time I work my way up to Warrior, I now trust that some deep emotion will be stirred up and resonate within me.  I’ve read many teachings on Warrior poses that talk about different aspects of what it means to be a warrior in life.  One teaching says it’s fighting to keep your heart open to love even when it hurts, and another teaching says that we are always fighting to find our true way in life.

At different times I need my Warrior self in different ways, and have now come to the point where I feel an anticipation about getting to the Warrior poses to see what today’s experience will be like.

Life has its easy moments, but mostly we’re constantly being challenged in our lives.  Connect with your warrior-self on a regular basis to know and feel what aspect of your warrior is being called on in the present moment.  Welcome the help that your wise warrior is offering and trust that you know what you need on this day at this time.

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