It’s Never Too Late

I had a session with a young man this morning filled with regret, self-criticism and self-loathing about not being more successful professionally.  This had been triggered by the monthly sales figures that had come out.  My client’s friend and colleague had surpassed her numbers, whereas my client barely met his.  This started a cycle of self-pity jealousy and despair.  In reality this young man has a lot to offer and is doing well at work, but his work history was interrupted by an episode of depression.  As a result he constantly feels that he’s behind and will ultimately fail.  He became so lost in the past that the realistic possibilities of the future disappeared.

As we focus on our practice of yoga, or life, every inhale of the breath can be a step towards bringing creativity to the forefront.  The more that you create the space in your mind to think about what’s possible now as opposed to the opportunities lost, the more hopeful and productive you’ll feel.  When you feel creative and positive about your life then it truly is never too late.

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