Fighting with Life

I was trying to find a parking spot in the lot where I teach my yoga class.  I was running late and the lot was full.  As I drove around the lot, I refused to accept that there were no spots, and that I needed to park on the street.  This of course made me more anxious, because now I was late for my class.  Finally the chatter in my head about how ‘unfair this is’ was overruled and I parked on the street and went in to teach my class.

Parking a car is a tiny example of how upset we get when things in our lives don’t go the way we had hoped.  We then engage in this fight with life which we can never win, and find ourselves getting even more frustrated than we were before.  When you notice that you’re engaging in this battle, you can try to make a different choice that would acknowledge the frustration, but see it for what it is; an unwinnable battle with the universe that depletes your energy.

Think of an issue in your own life where you are fighting with life about something that you have no control over.  Now use your yoga or meditation practice to see if a little space can be made for accepting what is, even if it feels unfair.  Even a small step towards acceptance can change how things look and feel.

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