About Me

People find it reassuring to know the credentials and background of the Psychotherapist they will be working with.  My credentials are the following: I have a Bachelor’s Degree, with a major in Psychology, from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from The Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work. I have also completed a two-year post-graduate degree in Couples and Family Therapy at Penn Council for Relationships.  I then went on to complete a five-year intensive training program at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia to become a Psychoanalyst. I am also a certified Yoga Instructor and have trained in Mindfully-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with Jon Kabat-Zinn.

My job experience has been interesting and diverse. After receiving my MSW, I worked for a Management Consulting company.  My focus was on helping managers learn more about the impact that their management style had on others. Over the course of the next ten years, I worked with Fortune 100 companies doing consulting, training and executive coaching around the issue of managing a diverse workforce. During this time I co-authored a computer-based simulation on Managing Diversity.   My experience in consulting in the business world with managers and executives has made me more effective in helping my clients with work-related relationship issues that they struggle with

I returned to clinical work as a Psychotherapist, because I enjoy being able to help my clients at a deeper level than was possible in a business environment. For the next seven years I dedicated myself to intensive training in individual, couples and family therapy while developing a clinical practice. I’ve now been in Private Practice as a Psychotherapist for over fifteen years and I continue to love learning about human development, and expanding my tool box as a therapist. I also love to teach.

I am the Co-Director of the Psychotherapy Program at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia, where I have the opportunity to train other Psychotherapists in the theories and techniques of intensive individual psychotherapy.  I also supervise other Psychotherapists in their work as both Individual and Couples Therapists.

And because I understand the value and benefits that different treatments can provide, I teach therapeutic yoga in an In-Patient Hospital.  This experience has strengthened my conviction that yoga can be beneficial in helping anyone who is struggling with depression and anxiety.  I also discovered Buddhist Psychology around this time, and it led me to my own meditation practice, where I experienced how helpful meditation can be.  This has led me to teach Meditation and Mindfulness to interested clients and other psychotherapists.

All of my training and experimenting with new theories have resulted in my enhanced ability to help you on every level by connecting mind, body and spirit through an awareness of the sensations in the body, activity in the mind and feelings of the heart.

Contact me today to set up your free 30 minute consultation. Call my office at 610-664-1463 or email me at linda@lindaspero.com.